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Job Aire Group, Inc

Job Aire Group (JAG) was acquired by Colambda Technologies in December 2021. JAG is a multi-technical aviation company specializing in Contract Labor, Aircraft and Engine inspection and audit plus hard-core aeronautical engineering. Also skilled in aircraft maintenance marketing, we place aircraft into FAR 145 facilities for repair, refurbishment, painting, modification and overhaul.



Our team plans to strategically grow at a steady pace both in the United States and abroad.


We are enhancing our fundamental understanding of current market trends and efficiently managing both external and internal maintenance operations through adding key experienced professionals to our decision making teams.


Job Aire Group Inc office locations


Tucson, AZ
San Antonio, TX
Everett, WA
Victorville, CA
Huntsville, AL
Washington, DC
Kinston, NC

Meeting Your Facility’s Needs

MRO’s, please contact us for your technician requirements.

Job Aire Group provides support in human resources and special skill requirements, DAR and DER engineering, plus drawing and drafting applications.


A & P Mechanics
Structures Mechanics
Avionics Techs
Engine Techs
Paint & Interior
On Site Representative




Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and 777
Douglas DC 8, DC 9, DC 10, MD 11, MD 90
Lockheed C 130, C 141, C5, L 188, L382, L 1011
Airbus A300, A310, A319, A320, A321, A330,
A340, A350
Gulfstream G 1159, G1159A, G1159B, G IV, G V
Convair 580
BAe 146 200


Available Inventories
New and Used

Other Services

Pre & post aircraft storage inspection Rotary wing maintenance & support Emergency response A&P School Training


Contractor Openings at Job Aire Group

Check the opportunities page regularly for an updated list of opportunities in aviation and aerospace.